Thursday, March 29, 2012

A View To A Thrill - The Eclipse Bar at the W Hotel Barcelona

By Javier Castillo - March/29/2012

The Eclipse Bar at the W Hotel Barcelona is a new playground for the jet setting elite eager to be seen. This space, located on the 26th floor and designed by Isabel L√≥pez Vilalta, brings a new degree of cool to Barcelona's vibrant nightlife. The W Hotel - 
whose architect is none other than Ricardo Bofill - was finished in 2009 and is an elegantly designed icon of stunning architecture that brings life to the Barcelona coastline. Its also known as hotel Vela, because, as it's name implies in Spanish, it resembles a ship's "sail". It stands majestic and proud - a true testament to the ever changing landscape that dots the Catalan capitol. Once you enter, at lobby level, you will see the elevators that are on occasion surrounded by velvet ropes (if you come during the night hours) as well as friendly staff members on duty to greet guests and control access. 
Eclipse-Bar-W-Hotel-BarcelonaWhy? Due to the Eclipse Bar's current popularity and its limited capacity, it's not uncommon to see a queue to enter. If granted access ( I have on occasion seen people rejected from entering) you will be escorted and zipped up to the 26th floor where the fun awaits. And although the bar is smallish in size, its big on cool. At its essence, its a trendy and chillaxing atmosphere, very appropriate of the rather laid-back Barcelona vibe; yet it also reflects and pays homage to a more urban New York or London sophistication. The young international bartenders and waitresses are typical of any W Hotel staff - friendly and attentive. Cocktails are churned out at an impressive speed without sacrificing quality. But the best is the view, one-of-a-kind in Barcelona, a perspective that gives you a Barcelona sprawled out below. Only from an airplane landing at El Prat Airport can you see such a magnificent view of the city from such a distinct angle. Gaze away while listening to the latest music (usually from DJs spinning house and electronic) an appropriate soundtrack to the surroundings. Its a delight, not to be missed (even if you aren't actually staying at the W Hotel). During the day and brunch on Sundays offers tantalizing treats such as fresh sushi, crispy tempura, spring rolls, and light bites from the grill. 

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