Monday, February 22, 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016

By Javier Castillo - February/22/2016

Wondering who all these new people in the city are? Did 20 cruise ships just unload passengers at the port? No my befuddled comrade, it's Mobile World Congress 2016 and it is well underway! The event that dates back to 1987 has had a bit of a slow start today due to a last-minute Metro strike. Yet, the city is certainly buzzing with energy, optimism, and - you guessed it - mobile-minded techies from all over the world. This is the biggest thing in Mobile. Period. This year Zuck was spotted over the weekend jogging around the city to unsuspecting eyes, taking in all the glorious sights Barcelona has offer. Today he made a surprise appearance at the Samsung event to hype up the new Samsung Gear VR.


The day will certainly play out with more exciting product announcements as well as some great demonstrations to catch the public's attention. One thing that is more prominent this year, compared to last, is the protagonism of virtual reality. It's the new "new" - appearing to take center stage and stirring up interest both at a B2B and B2C level. The future looks very bright indeed for Mobile and this Congress and its amazing turnout can attest to that. Here is a great infographic that clearly explains mobile's global reach in regards to subscriber growth trends from 2015 to 2020:

So, there you have it. Get ready for another great year at Mobile World Congress; here are a few important links and information to help you organize and stay ontop of things:

You can find the entire Conference agenda here:
Check out Mobile World Live - they are reporting on all the news realtime.
Check out Mobile World Live TV for live interviews and panel discussions, as well as keynote speech broadcasts.
Read the Mobile World Daily each day for their recap of all of the happenings at the event.
Follow the GSMA on Twitter here:
Last but not least, check out the after-parties here!:

Have fun and get your mobile on!