Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday Night Blues?

By Javier Castillo - Dec/7/2011

Ok, so its Monday. We all know what that means. The weekend is behind us and another stressful 5-day work week lays ahead of us. Mondays are tough people, we can all agree. So the best remedy for this is to spice up the night and head over to a wonderful late-night location, guaranteed to burn away your Monday blues and help you relive those glorious moments you experienced over the weekend. The venue? Barcelona's fun sanctuary; centrally located and right off La Ramblas, and better known as BLVD (Boulevard Culture Club). The party? Monday night's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. This uber-alternative discotheque, with multiple levels and rooms, bangs out Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Dance hits for all tastes and ages. Its easy to get lost in the retro atmosphere and sip, sing and dance the night away. So bring your trucker hat or Ray-Ban sunglasses, order yourself a Heineken and get jiggy with it. Need help getting in?  No problem, offers Guest Lists services for several clubs in the city that will grant you access and help you get in for free or with a discount. Here is the one for Monday nights´s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Now, go loudly into that good night!


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