Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Barcelona Burger? Behold...

By Javier Castillo - Sept/24/2012
What’s my favorite burger joint in Barcelona you ask? Pim Pam Burger, or PPB for short. It’s good, reaaaallllyyyy good. As an expat, it's a little taste of home everytime I bite into one of their succulent treats. There is a new found love and growing market for fancy, gourmet burger spots in Spain. Long gone are the days of a boring paddy between some flaky bread doused in cheap ketchup and mustard. Spaniards have always loved their meats and breads, and now there is a trend to bring a more exciting edge to the culinary culture behind this traditional product. Pim Pam Burger, with its 2 locations in Barcelona, still prepares its burgers the traditional way and with all of the now typically characteristic trimmings such as onions, lettuce, and sliced pickles, but their value proposition lies in what they call "fast good", in that they continue to follow the "fast food" philosophy, just slowing it down and giving it that extra helping of love. That and also their determination to use only the freshest - most premium quality ingredients - that can be found in Barcelona city. It’s no wonder they are still in existence after 6 years of satisfying the palates of hungry burger aficionados from around the world.

The info needed to get your grub on:
Pim Pam Burger

Image courtesy of Pim Pam Burger
Calle Bigai, 1  
08022 Barcelona, Spain
932 11 56 06
Calle Sabateret, 4
08003 Barcelona, Spain
933 15 20 93

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