Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Impressive Timelapse Movie of Barcelona Will Stir Your Senses

By Javier Castillo - November/5/2013

Want a brief yet visually stunning perspective of what Barcelona has to offer? Here is an innumerous sequence of images that uniformly give you a rich look into this marvelous city. This short motion timelapse movie was made by Alexandr Kravtsov during his stay here in Barcelona from August to October of 2013. According to the artist, his project involved: 1 broken camera, a lost flash drive, nearly 100 subway rides, 24,000 photos, endless hours of post production and rendering and about 480 gigabytes of material. That is a very elaborate and time-consuming job as anyone can image, but the results are breathtaking, check it out yourself below:

BARCELONA. MOTION TIMELAPSE from Alexandr Kravtsov on Vimeo.

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