Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 Uber Cool Coworking Spaces in Barcelona

By Javier Castillo - August/31/2016

Most people would say that work is done better together than alone. It is a fundamental philosophy behind why organizations thrive and it helps support the nature of team dynamics. Corporations have banked on it for years, and its true that camaraderie, teamwork and productivity don't happen in silos. If you aren't currently working in an office and need a change from working at Starbucks or from your home in pajamas, don't fret. Coworking spaces are a great solution. They exist to allow you to work alongside other individuals that appreciate the social, collaborative, and more formal aspects of an office environment. A coworking space and the habitat it spawns can and should be a good thing; sparking creativity, fostering a feeling that you belong, and perhaps the opportunity to break some ice and find a new client, a new co-founder, or even a new friend. That being said, here are the top 3 coworking spots in Barcelona:

1. betahaus I Barcelona
Carrer de Vilafranca, 7
(08024) Barcelona, Spain.

"At our location in Barcelona we have around 2000 sqmts divided in 6 floors and 5 terraces. You can spend your working day here, attend a workshop or build your prototypes in our maker area.  You can host your event at our facilities or use it as your breakout office. We have got open space for collaborative work as well as meeting rooms for confidential conversations." - Betahaus website

2. MOB (Makers of Barcelona)
Carrer Bailen, 11, Bajos
(08024) Barcelona, Spain.

"The philosophy of MOB is that of a self-perpetuating, ever-evolving creativity loop. By connecting people, who may otherwise not have the opportunity to know one another, we open an infinite chain of possibilities for collaboration. Your new friend has other new friends, who know other friends, who you should really know. Thus initiating both a strong micro-community and a wider reaching macro-community. MOB facilitates taking these new collaborations and manifesting them into something real by providing tools in the form of the newest maker technologies--like 3D printers and laser cutters-- skill-sharing workshops, and open-sourced knowledge sharing. New discoveries result in new ideas and the drive towards utilizing community in order to innovate." - MOB website

Photo Credit: Heike Schuricht

3. Valkiria Hub Space
Carrer de Pujades, 126  
(08005) Barcelona, Spain.

"We believe that talent, innovation and creativity are needed in order to foster a collaborative environment in which personal and professional development are paramount.
Through our services – including co-working, mentoring and event organization – our aim is to build a community which is pillared by the ideas and energy of those businesses, organizations, freelancers and entrepreneurs who, like us,  passionately work to provide value, generate new ideas and innovate." - Valkiria website


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