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Topik Restaurant - Big Flavor in Barcelona

By Javier Castillo - June/27/2015

Adelf Morales is a name you want to know. The founder and chef of the restaurant Topik is part of the young and creative generation of chefs continuing to put the Barcelona culinary scene on the map. His time spent in Japan and his experience working with Martín Berasategui at Lasarte and Arzak in San Sebastián, to name a few, has helped him fine-tune his profession. Topik is a place for lovers of seafood, sushi, nouvelle cuisine and those with an open and curious appetite. If you hunger for oysters and something cold and frizzante, well then search no further as there is a french oysters and cava special most nights that is gauranteed to satisfy that craving. When you look at the menu, some of the plates offered might strike you as odd or of an unusual combination at first thought, but believe me, they work. Like an alchemist’s ability to transmute base metals into the noble metals, Adelf churns out impressive delectable creations.

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For example, who would think of pairing guacamole with uni? Well, you will be surprised as the result is a dish that is surprisingly smooth, delicious and wonderfully balanced. In this regard, and in many others, Adelf is experimental, daring and knows what he's doing. Fresh grilled squid stuffed with butiffara sausage (chipirones rellenos de butifarra y sus patitas) is one plate that stands out particularly in my mind. And if paella or rice dishes are your thing, don’t pass up the seafood rice with shrimp and mushroom (arroz de ceps y gambas rojas). The menu is broad and offers other great choices of meats and fish so there is something for everyone. Check that out here.

For dessert I had the house tiramisu - which I believe should be renamed to “tearamisu” - as rather than using the traditional coffee-soaked ladyfingers, they use green tea as a substitute making it fresh, light, and most definitely delicious. This place is a must-try for foodies and those interested in exploring new tastes and sensations. 

More info:
Topik Restaurant
Calle València, 199 - 08011 Barcelona
T +34 93 451 09 23
Open everyday except for Sunday and Monday nights closed.

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