Friday, July 31, 2015

Restaurante Me - Asian-American Cuisine You Need To Try

By Javier Castillo - July/31/2015

Chances are you've never heard of Restaurant Me in Barcelona. In my 11 years of living in the city, I had never heard of this little gem located in the Eixample neighborhood. The restaurant has been around for almost as long, 10 years in the making. The owner, Thang Pham, who is originally from Vietnam but lived a lot of his years in New Orleans and other countrieswas as welcoming as anyone could be. Pulling up a chair next to our table, he explained many of his recommended dishes, with a detailed memory of the ingredients used, and cooking techniques that went into their elaboration. He has an enthusiastic passion for food (as well as architecture) and he shows it. Check out his interesting story below.

Restaurante Me serves up a unique mix of Vietnamese, Cajun, Creole and Spanish food. This is the first and only of its kind in Barcelona. Of all the dishes we sampled, particularly the seared mackerel sashimi, soft-shell crab tempura, and the spicy bonito tataki main course were outstanding and highly recommendable. To finish off the meal, the dessert was a deliciously surprising homemade cheesecake with black pepper topping. I have had chocolate ice cream with olive oil and sea salt flakes many times - at many different restaurants - and this was a new refreshing twist on a similar concept. As for the wine selections, they are impressive and I was delighted to spot one of my favorite Spanish wines from the Jumilla region, Clio, on the menu and at a truly affordable price.

Seared mackerel sashimi with toasted garlic compote, smoked oil & fresh herbs

Soft-shell crab tempura with ponzu sauce

Homemade cheesecake with cracked pepper and other toppings

If you fancy a new cuisine that consolidates several styles, regions and flavors of the world, then Restaurant Me has to be on your to-visit list. In addition, if you enjoy elaborate and expertly made cocktails don't forget to grab one at the bar before or during your meal. The bartender is a true mixologist and churns out some tasty creations.

More Information:
Restaurante Me
Direction: Carrer de ParĂ­s, 162, 08036 Barcelona
Telephone: 934 19 49 33
Open Tues-Sat 1:30 to 4:00 pm & 8:30 to 11:00 pm

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